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Morphing Percent Match, for Paternity other investigations

PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:38 pm
by Darp

There are many famous cases of paternity issues where people think they see who the father is in the child. Clark Gable had a daughter by Loretta Young and she pretended it was an adoption till her deathbed confession it was Gable's child. Folks guessed that for decades just by how the child looked.

It would be nice to make it scientific. Morphing might be the way to do it. By it outputting how close a match two people are. A PERCENT MATCH output. Thus sisters and brothers should have high matches and people with no relation or even of a different race much less so. It would be sorta a facial recognition feature.

The software should be able to output how much it had to alter alter two photos to create a morph. If it is the same person should be like 5% alteration. Brothers maybe 40% and strangers 80% if were to guess.

Does Morpheus have that ability? It would be very a valuable feature.