Pre-Sales Questions - Moving Points in the "Start" image

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Pre-Sales Questions - Moving Points in the "Start" image

Postby flewis » Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:46 pm

UPDATE: I found the method for moving points beyond the edges of the image (by adding a border in the Picture Layout window) so please disregard #2 below. Please respond to #1 below (issue with changing points in the "Start" image). Thank you.


I'm interested in purchasing the Industrial version of Morpheus Photo Morpher but before I purchase I want to make sure it does what I need. So I've downloaded the Free Trial version 3.16 from your site and have started a test morph.

I've noticed the following two issues, which I'm hoping you'll have good answers for:

1. I can move points in the "End" image quickly and easily with no problem. But when I try to move points in the "Start" image, there is a long delay, of several seconds, during which the cursor is invisible, before the screen finally updates and the point is finally moved. I also notice a similar issue when I try to add points. It seems like doing anything which would cause a change to points in the "Start" image has this problem. When I started the morph and I only had a few points, the problem wasn't noticeable. But as I added more and more points, the wait increased. Waiting for the screen to update after each point is added or moved would add up to hours of extra time (labor) on my project. I need to use a lot of points, so I'm afraid this is may be a deal breaker. My images are 8k by 4k pixels and there are a lot of points. (See screen shot below.) If I purchase the Industrial version, will this issue go away?

A partial workaround to this problem seems to be to only ever add points in the "Start" image (and be sure to add them exactly in the right place so they never have to be moved) and then only ever move points in the "End" image, where they can be moved quickly. This is a difficult limitation to work with and even then is still a long wait when adding each point.

2. Even though it says on your website that the Industrial version allows you to move points past the edge of the picture, and it also says that the Trial version allows you to try out all the features of the Industrial version, I can't seem to be able to move any points past the edge of the picture. When I try to drag them past the edge, they stop at the edge. If I purchase the Industrial version, will I be able to move points past the edge of the picture? Or is there a trick to doing this with both the Trial and Industrial versions?

I am hoping you have good answers to both of these questions so I can make a purchase.

Thank you.


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Re: Pre-Sales Questions - Moving Points in the "Start" image

Postby Ark » Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:26 am

Changing the starting picture dot layout affects the triangle layout, and all triangles need to be recomputed. It may help some to hide the Preview window, but most of the delay is in recalculating the triangles with an excessive number of dots, or redrawing such large images.
Another work-around would be to create a 3-picture morph and load the same picture in the 1st and 3rd picture, and do the movement mostly in the 3rd picture window. Use the select dots tool, press Ctrl+A to select all, then Ctrl+C to copy all dots locations from the 3rd window and Ctrl+V to paste after selecting the 1st picture window.
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Re: Pre-Sales Questions - Moving Points in the "Start" image

Postby flewis » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:50 pm

Thank you for your response. In the future, it would be really good to be able to toggle on and off whether the triangle layout is affected or not. Currently, with that ability missing, it's very difficult to use this software for a complex morph that has a lot of points in it. I also wish there were a way to rotate and scale a selection of points. (I have already added these things to the feature requests forum.)
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